June 17, 2011

Protest Kiss, 10 years ago....

Is kissing at protests a thing? From the 9/2001 IMF Protest in DC.

May 29, 2011

What do you do if you have 54 Banana Slugs?

At work, someone noted they had found 54 banana slugs. Someone else suggested eating them, "Like Escargot" my reply:

Chris DiBona's Banana Slug Recipe:


54 Banana Slugs.
1 pile of salt.
1 trash can.
1 dumpster
1 marbled steak, your cut of choice.


1) Acquire banana slugs.
2) Put slugs in large bowl.
3) Put salt on top of slug.
4) Put cover on bowl
5) Shake bowl.
6) Throw bowl in trash.
7) Throw trash in dumpster.
8) Have dumpster hauled to the desert.
9) Light dumpster contents on fire.
10) Return home, shower.
11) Take steak. Cook to taste.
12) Plate steak.
13) Add butter, if you like.
14) Place parsley next to steak.
15) Eat steak.