April 30, 2008

What about that word processing program?

This is the first post written using IsolWrite. It is going pretty smoothly, the predictive text system is still pretty useless, if fun. It is still in phase one. The formatting was done in blogger. It's not that sexy yet.

For the 1.0 open source launch, I need to do the following:

  • Font selection and manipulation (ui is there, not exposed yet)
  • Right-click menu reworking. It's pretty awful right now, but the target functions work. (tbd)
  • RTF save/load (tbd)
  • Autosave activation (feature is written, no ui to turn it on)
  • Autoload of last doc (tbd)
  • Phase one of pt system, (functionality: done, ui: icky)
  • Fix Predictive Text (pt) ui. It's terrible. (tbd)
  • Allow user to turn on PT in prefs, default will be off till pt phase 4 (tbd)
  • Apache headers on the code. (tbd)

1) Further iterations of the pt system.
  • phase 2: User supplied words
  • phase 3: ranking of suggestions
  • phase 4: n grams & ranking thereof
  • phase 5: online sharing of pt updates combined with the google n-gram data, if it is licensed for that. Via google app engine.
2) blogger/lj/blog software api tie ins
3) spell correction
4) Inevitable rewrite and visual improvements.

Oh, and the name? IsolWrite. As in: It's All Right! Got DNS for it and everything. I've put up the code project and grabbed a Google App Engine area for the online components that I'm thinking up for phase 5 of the pt system.

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