April 21, 2008

A Short Post

I am timing this post to be as exactly long as the song "Flash" by Queen. You'll remember previous timed posts (14 minutes) and my upside down post. Yes, I'm stunt-blogging, so look out.

I've been traveling a bit, but I'm back through almost July now, which is pretty awesome. I've been in the following countries since I last posted: The UK, Norway, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria. It was a pretty awesome trip over about 10 days. Spoke at three conferences, and met with a lot of our European Googlers. Missed the Norway ooxml protest by a day, but I met with the folks who were there the day before at Go Open, a very nice conference in OSLO.

Damn, only 13 seconds left.... lessee, maybe one more song's worth of blogging. Okay, there you go, "Where's your head at" , by APC, 4.5 minutes long. High energy, for sure.

Anyhow, Go Open was fun. The organizer and myself went on morning TV to promote the conference, so you gotta go see that, we all but made omelettes there in the in-studio kitchen. It was very fun. After OSLO, I flew to Amsterdam for Euro Apachecon. I'd never been to Amsterdam before, and its a -fun- town. Great times were had by all, even by a square like me.

Lengthly travel messes with my internal clock a bit though, and while I try to be party fresh, I find that I need to give myself some time to pay back sleep debts, which I always worry will cut into the very reasons that I go to these conferences, namely to learn and then to speak. Regardless, I'm basically domestic boy until September when I might fly back to Zurich for Hackontest, a contest my group is sponsoring.

Finally(ish): You might now know this about me, but every couple of years, I sample the latest compiler/ide's from Microsoft, Eclipse and the rest and try to write a substantive program or two in them. Well, maybe not substantive, but at least interesting. I was spurred on this time by the current vogue in "writing" environments. These are text editors that block out external stimuli, blacking out the screen and such, to encourage non-distracted writing. Sadly, most of those I sampled are quite poor so I won't link to them. The best is maybe Writeroom for OS X, but there are many bad bad bad software packages out there.

For instance, the song changed a little earlier to the DJ Tiesto version of Silence, which gives me another 4 minutes. And there is a x-chat window going to the right of this text area, where summer of code hopefuls wait for us to finalize who is an who is not in the summer of code. The angst is palpable. I mean, you can practically sculpt it, you know?

Anyhow, as is usual, more later....

(editing was done during Nina Simone's Feeling good, coming in at about 3 minutes long.)

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