April 28, 2008

No, Shame on Daya Baran

First, go read this screed against Tim O'Reilly:

WebGuild: Shame On You Tim O'Reilly

I'd like to point out that we emailed Daya about this continuously leading up to the meeting asking him to talk to us about the name, and he refused to do so. So now he pouts when we boot him.

We were very happy to host the meetings, but when the leadership of a group gets weird, we'd rather not host them anymore. Webguild isn't the first, nor is it the last group, that we'll both host and then not do so.

Google isn't a hotel, for god's sake, we don't have a duty to continue or to ever offer space to a group. Once we do decide to allow a group to be hosted, we make it clear that this privilege can stop at any time and that there are no guarantees. Most groups say "Okay, thanks for the hosting in the past" and find other venues. There are plenty of them in the valley.

I've been on both sides of this problem, hosting dozens of groups over the years at Google and before at VA Linux, and in 2000 I ran a linux users group and we were always vigilant to be a good guest of the companies that hosted us. That included answering any and all queries when posted to us.

Tim did not tell us to remove the Webguild from Google. He doesn't have the power to do so. Daya did by not responding to our queries in a timely fashion. DeWitt, Myself and others decided that Daya's behavior would reflect badly upon Google at some point. We were clearly right.

What Daya says in arrogance is what I call asking people to be accountable for their actions.



Dave said...

appreciate the clarity & transparency on this item chris.

edward said...

Same here. Thank you for explaining the situation. People have been asking me about what is going on. The unprofessional WG site blog post along with countless negative comments that keep on disappearing aren't helping. I'm sending them here for more lucidity on the issue.

Mia Dand said...

I wish I had read your blog post before. You've described this man and his irrational behavior very well. He contacted me on Linkedin and asked me to speak at one of his events. I agreed and a month went by without any emails from him. One week before the event, I found out by sheer accident that he had changed the timing and didn't bother to tell me about it. When I asked him and his partner, (who is just as ethics-challenged), to either move it back to the original time or cancel the session, I didn't get any response nor did they cancel the session. So finally I posted on the Web Guild site that I won't be doing any speaking sessions with this group. That's when I finally received an email from him about how it was unprofessional of me and that I blew a "tremendous" opportunity. Some opportunity, they were planning to use my session to make money, how clever is that?! Hopefully, this post will help warn other unsuspecting folks out there.