April 26, 2008

Full Screen Applications in C# (adventures in C#/Windows Forms)

So I've been messing with C#, as you might remember from a previous post, and I thought I'd post a code snippet for folks who hit this problem. It's woefully underexplained online. What am I talking about ? Truly full screening an application in C#, meaning, no taskbar, windows chrome, or anything.

Find the example application with source, released under the Apache license, of course, on code.google.com at http://code.google.com/p/csharpfullscreenexample/

A note about this, I've synthesized this from a variety of documentation and other examples online. To give anyone too much credit would be weird, but there are some alternative sites purporting to describe this. If you find that their advice is falling short pay extra attention to the 'important' comment lines in Form1.cs , that's where all the meat is in the program. Order of operations matters big time, basically.

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Thiago Farina said...

Thanks for the hint! I will add this feature to my feed reader.