March 25, 2008

Bloxes at Google Chicago

So we got a hold of a pallet of Jef Raskin's Bloxes (as created by Asa, his son) and we built around 200 of them. It was a fun thing for us to do while catching up with each other in Chicago during our team meeting. I've uploaded a gallery of images of the fun we had.

Bloxes are pretty neat and remarkably strong. Only one caveat: Nothing worse than a cardboard paper cut. I'm all healed now, mind you, but watch your fingers. No one likes a papercut or a bloody blox.

1 comment:

ZenPragmaticist said...

Bloxes are great! They're reminiscent of the interior design of the Capitol Theatre in Melboure Ausralia.

Alas, I asked but they don't ship Bloxes to Australia yet.