February 27, 2008

Find me at Drupalcon next week, and a short note on the MySQL Acquisition

I just totally nailed my talk at Drupalcon next week to blather on and on about the open sourciness thing to the Drupalians. Drupalites? Drupies? Yes....that's it, Drupies! Anyhow...assuming I'm not totally killed by the crowd for calling them Drupies, I'll be lead off a 1 .5 hour session which will culminate with Leslie Hawthorn detailing the great work that Drupal did in GHOP, amongst other topics.

I'm really happy in that I'll be able to intersect with my old friends Brian 'Krow' Aker of MySQL (now sun....so... MySunQL? SunSQL? I kid...) and Miguel, if he is in town. Anyhow, we're planning on a nice dinner one of the nights of the show, in which I will pump him for information on optimizing MySQL on Linux, and what might need to be done there ongoing.

I think it is an interesting study of the Ebb and Flow of open source business to see MySQL ebb into an aquisition by Sun while companies like Drupal dip their toe into the commercial world as Acquia. It'd be easy to sound smug and superior by saying something like "Everything old is new again" but I'm not going to do that, because the road to profitability and/or success in open source is a deeply challenging one and very different for every company. No more or less challenging than the proprietary world mind you, but still..

Anyhow. Enough rambling. Congrats to my pals at MySQL for closing the deal with Sun and all that. Hope is works out great for all involved. Strong thought and project leadership in MySQL is really important, and it is my hope that Sun can bring some of its significantly smart engineering knowledge to bear on the brilliance that Brian, Monty and so many smart developers have brought to MySQL.

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Anonymous said...

i don't know why it took this a week to hit my rss reader...but in any case, cool! have a good trip, and say hi to kieran lal (drupal ass'n board member, acquia product manager) for me. he's a powerhouse, and a fun guy to have a drink or five with.