December 19, 2007

Synthetic Feed Creation in Google Reader...or...You've Got Your Blogs Stuck In My E-reader!

Hello Egofoodians. Have you ever wondered if it was possible to subscribe to a particular tag in Google Reader?

For instance, suppose you, oh I don't know, have one of those new fangled e-book reader things that either charge by the feed or aren't that great at rendering html and you'd like to indicate which of your fabulous blogs are good for your device. Similarly some feeds mean more than others and some are better at posting full feeds than others, both important concerns when considering offline reader on a plane and such.

This was my exact quandary: I wanted to be able to read feeds on my Iliad e-book reader, but how was I to do it? How could I give it a snappy feed that allows for just the right blogs and such to show up on it, and the rest be left behind, like so much electronic detrius on the beach of unwantedness? Well, the answer comes in the form of Google Readers tagging system.

You see in the settings for your reader, you can turn a tag 'public' and then, by subscribing to this tags public feed, you can feed just the right mix of blog posts to a device, easy as pie. Kindle users , who must pay by the feed, should be delighted at this.

That's it! Enjoy your reader with your blogs. Thanks to CW for pointing me to this post telling me how...

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