December 31, 2007

On Sound and Real Estate

So Christine (my wife) and I have been thinking about picking up some property up near where we used to live in Placerville. Mostly idle speculations, but one of the things that's important to us is the noise level on the property. You see, as a young girl, Christine would visit her uncles property on the American River and when it was pretty much unpopulated. No road noise, no trucks and the rest, you see. We asked the real estate dude to keep his eyes open for quiet river front property, accordingly.

And that's when the term 'jake brake' started being discussed around the house. You see, in the country, that's the big noise that can come from nearby highways, and something we're kind of interested in not hearing. Frannie, our daughter, hadn't heard the term before, so I found a video on youtube that plays a jake brake sound from a Jake Brake competition.

Wait, a what?

Yes, a competition to make the most noise with a truck. After hearing it, my daughter says "Is there are a competition for the littlest noise?", proving absolutely and without a doubt that she is related to us.

Speaking of which, if you are looking for some decent property in the Sonora area, my friend and co-editor Mark Stone is selling his house on 5.6 acres in the mountains overlooking that town. It's a very nice piece of property, with some pretty terrific trees, incredibly tall, almost shockingly so, I seem to remember. Good well, too. Check out the site he put together for it at

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