November 20, 2007

Speaking of Android, and other backed up ranting in my head about Harvard Business School, my Pal Karim and Cambridge...

For that text adventure lover in your house, I present : Z Machines for Android. Marius and Ben's little project for Android. It's funny, considering all the dead serious computer science that we release from Google into open source, I love these kinds of releases with my sf-fanboy soul more than I should. Enjoy!

Also, I'm getting practically banal here, but the Kindle e-book reader looks interesting, but is it interesting enough? I'll let you know if I get my hands on one, my iRex iliad review is still one of the most popular that I've posted, funnily enough. People love the gadgets, I suppose. My X-Ufo post still gets a bunch of traffic and I've not flown the thing in over a year, is my guess.

I'm way behind on reviewing for you, my dear readers, some of the stuff I've started messing with, the e-book stuff not the least of it. The Iliad proved its mettle when reviewing the new model law for software contracts, the ability to edit on the page is a compelling one for that particular use case.

This reminds me, I sat in on my friend Karim's Technology and Operations Management class at Harvard recently. I know it sounds weird to say this, but: It made me want to get an MBA. Those that know me know how weird that is for me to say, but he was a great teacher, and just sitting in his class was way fun. He reviews an absurd number of business model cases with his students, and the editing functions of the iliad would be useful in that student review context. Course the in-class laptop ban would be tricky, but the iliad is only -kind of- a laptop, right?

So, future HBS students, book yourself for his class, you won't regret it, unless you are a slack.

Similarly, MIT/Cambridge folks, if you haven't been to the MIT Museum lately or ever, it is worth the walk up Mass ave. They have some neat exhibits. John Durant was kind enough to turn on Claude Shannon's electro-mechanical juggling tutorial strobe thing. It was very cool.

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