November 20, 2007

Posts on a Plane..

Howdy speed racers;

Yes, a new post means I was on a plane again. At this point in time (8:16 PDT) and space (flying over the Rockies on the way home from a trip to Boston) I'm mostly shoulder surfing the guy in front of me's presentation. He works for a defense contractor (whose name rhymes with....well...never mind) and he's bulleting up a thing about IPv6 and its suitability for a task unknown to me as that is not in the spreadsheet.

There are little plastic tabs on the sides of his screen to take in the 3m privacy screen, (whose utility dear readers will remember I've written about before), but he's not using it. Or I have an absurdly decent vantage point. I'm sitting in 9f, a window seat, on one of United's domestic 757s. I almost never sit in a window seat when sitting in coach, as the curve of the fuselage tends to crowd my shoulder, but due to a mishap in travel planning, it was what was available.

No one in the middle seat, which is handy, but 9f is one of those seats that has no seat in front of it, as that part of the exit row buts up against one of the main doors, leaving room only for the inner 2 seats. My feet are stretched in front of me, but if I get it too close to the door, especially the underside of it, I get absurdly cold toes. I mean, sure, I know that the air is some -50 less than a foot away from me, but I don't need to be reminded via pinky toe.

Poor me. So , yeah, that blanket is wrapped around my poor feet. Woe is me.

So what's on my mind. Well, nanowrimo and writing in general. I'm in the midst of a lull in writing. This is my first post in over a month, and I'm really out of practice. Having succeeded in finishing Nanowrimo before, I feel no great challenge in doing it again, but I am strangely blocked fiction wise.

Here's a story for you:

A young man, who works for a large defense contractor, releases secrets that were not meant to be shared when the fellow sitting behind him, in 9f, happens to notice that they are up to no good, and powerpointing about it!


While others were watching the office, he was sniffing the network, and he found a vulnerable, unpatched windows machine. In seconds, he was in....and inside he found secrets he was not meant to see...


As he tied his shoes and wrapped his blanket around his absurdly chilled toes, our hero notices that the fellow in 8d who works for a defense contractor has dropped his usb thumb drive, within which was contained information that would set the world on fire!

Man, I should get into the thriller business.

Or, maybe, drama:

Sitting on the shelf in the bathroom was a pair of gold hoop earrings. She had left these earrings, a gift, behind after she realized that the man she loved didn't love her back and probably never had, as her old friend in Cambridge had told her they saw him with Shannon from the Pittsburg office.

Wow, a practically Bulwerlytonian romance. Hmm, a western is hard to adapt in a plane, I think, and I'm not looking to revive the deservedly dead spaghetti western on a plane genre. Let's leave this post as it is.

It's been an exiting time at Google and in life, which is why I've not been as typey-typey lately. Between having a new VP start and the big projects that he's started and combined with some family medical problems (mostly in my parents generation) and clearing rights and other open source miscellanea for the Android launch, I've been going pretty much non-stop since I graduated. (I just passed 200k banked frequent flier miles.)

This isn't really a good thing, as it means I've been spending too much time away from home where my heart and love are in the personages of my wife and children, but its all been so damn necessary.

It isn't a cheery thing, and in fact it is sad, that I get comments like the following from flight attendants:

Wow! You have more miles than I do.


"Weren't you on this flight last week?"


Didn't I see you on the London flight?

I shouldn't ever have more miles than the Flight Attendants, for those of you taking notes at home, but it happens. She was new, right? Mind you, I love the travel, and it's worth doing. But if only I could do it without being away....

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Andy Chilton said...

Heh, it's funny. I wasn't planning on doing NaNoWriMo this year, especially because I did it last year and I did SoCNoC in June too.

As it turns out, I'm 25k in with only 9 days left. I _will_ finish!

I guess I find it just too addictive :-)