September 30, 2007

Sometimes, the news makes very little sense, unless... read two stories in very quick succession. For instance:

I was reading a London Times Online article about how "Muslim checkout staff get an alcohol opt-out clause" saying, obviously, that those whose religion forbid such things can take a pass. This is similar to rulings here in America saying whether or not that pharmacists have to sell birth control or Pirates don't encourage global warning or something.

But then, next tab over, was a story waiting for me: "Italian Policewomen Get High Heels, in the Wrong Size" detailing the tragic story of the Romanians sending the wrong size shows for their thin blue line. I mean, in one country, you have people gravely concerned about clerks discomfort while selling alcohol, then another gravely concerned that the shoe that might enhance the femininity of the policewoman's calves might be a bit too tight.

Answer me this: Which country sounds like the one that is more fun? The one with the nice shoes who aren't so good at catching petty shoplifters? Or the one with the people who won't sell you a nice Campari? Just saying, you can see the real value is reading news about seemingly different things, until they are put together, cuisinart style, in the brain.

Disclosures: Many of these links were provided via the digg's and reddits or the world, which then went through various aggregators , but were written in the sites I linked to. I believe that in fact pointing the aggregator makes sense if the comments matter, but consider the title of this post? It's my Ego's food, we're talking about here.

Further disclosure: I'm Italian, so I'm predisposed to understand the value of fine footwear. It's genetic, I'm told.

Further Disclosure still: London's a pretty fun place to go to, never had any problem when ordering a drink there.


nisa said...

Hi, :)

I doubt "the people who won't sell you a nice Campari?" is true. just get a non muslim staff sell you that, what's so hard about it. i admit, for a muslim myself, i won't be in anywhere in the whole sales & distribution of alcohol. but you know, some people can't afford to choose jobs so much... & living in this modern world - would even Jesus be shocked watching pop culture? his mother is a virgin! :T

plus alcohol itself has its pros & cons. it does amazes me when some non muslims themselves choose not to drink. but i'll leave it for your own choice.

it's not that bad, is it. :)

& bad shoes? i'm seeing my mom ageing with painful bones, man. ladies should look to the future - bad shoes, bad spine. ouch! if you ask me, i'd have the muslim anytime. peace.

Andrew said...

To comment on the birth control thing. That is disgusting.

This is why I hate the christan community more and more. They force their morals and beliefs on others. They don't respect others opinions.

Bombing abortion clinics and killing people to enforce their morals is another of their double standards.

Anonymous said...

This is why I hate the christan community more and more. They force their morals and beliefs on others. They don't respect others opinions.

Tolerance cuts both ways.

Also, fun post, Chris. Thanks.