August 31, 2007

Google Trick o' the Day

I was reading this Mark Perry's story about distressed home prices in Detroit, Mi and was glancing though these listings when I noticed a very pretty home for $1500. Mind you, I'm not in the market for a home in Detroit, but I thought to myself, "Hmm, I wonder what this home looks like from the air on maps?"

But there was , sneaky sneaky, no address on the listing. I could do research on the MLS site, for sure, but I figured , "Aha! I'll just punch in the zip code...and you can get a feel for the neighborhood. It may not be wholly accurate, but when the first listing is a drug treatment center, it makes you think you know?

It mostly makes me think "Poor Detroit", I mean, this is a city that drove innovation for a solid 40+ years in this country, and now it's a shell, at best. What would you do to revive it, or is it simply another symptom in the decline of middle america? I worry, mind you, with a post like this that I'll alienate my friends in Michigan. I really like Michigan, actually. I've hung around AA for a bit with friends and it seems to be a very sweet town.

Please note: The google trick o' the day is not a daily thing, but a thing that I will do maybe only this one time....just sayin'


Bob said...

What are the other symptoms of a decline in Middle America? St. Louis seems to be doing great. Chicago became the #1 trading city last I checked. I also heard some good things about Oklahoma city. ;)

It is a shame about Detroit though.

Chris DiBona said...

That's true, also, chicago seems solid. Its not that I want the middle to decline, or anything.

Bob said...

Sorry. Living in CA has made me oversensitive to Midwest bashing.

Greg Stein said...

$1500 is the monthly lease price. Not the sale price.

And I didn't know you hung around AA (meetings). *duck*

Chris DiBona said...

Well, that explains that one and why it's so pretty in that list of junkers.

CraigM said...

Living here near the D, some days I just have to shake my head and wonder when the bottom will fall out. The leadership here is inept at best, and nobody seems willing to make tough choices. Worse, I get the sense that leaders in Detroit are more interested in getting their piece of meat off the rotting carcass while they can.