July 7, 2007

Airplanes are not Clothing Optional

So here's a tip for my readers who fly a fair amount. It is -not- cool, and I'd very much appreciate it if you would pass this on to other people, to , when shimmying past your seat mate, to zip up your fly while you're in front of me. The fellow next to me kept on unbuttoning upon sitting, and rebuttoning upon standing. He was an older dude, with weird stained white lips, imagine if your mentat friend drank bleach stuff instead of that intelligence enhancing red wine they drink.

There was no mistaking that this dude was in rough shape. I felt for him, but still, button and zip before you're in front of me, it's impolite. Luckily nothing waggled out at me.

Also, when there is something pretty outside, I really don't want to chat about it. I wear my fabulous noise blocking outing earphones for a reason.

Oh, and try not to smell that bad on the plane next time, cool? Thanks.


Brian said...

Sounds like you missed out on the drooling...

All I ever get is screaming babies.

Ilan Rabinovitch said...

Chris, you mention your nifty noise blocking headphones. Which are you using? would you recommend them? I'm looking to purchase a set before my trip up to OSCON later this month.

Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

I have my own pet peeves when traveling as well. Being a smaller in stature fella, I try to quickly put the arm rests in the DOWN position as soon as I take my seat. Otherwise, the fat guys on either side of me with gladly take part of MY space after filling theirs. And when standing in front of the carousel to retrieve checked luggage, I feel a hate crime coming on when someone fills the three feet of space I try to leave between myself and the edge so everyone else can see their bags coming. These are just two of many gripes I have when traveling that could be alleviated if people would just be more considerate.