June 10, 2007

Soprano's Lock Down. Confirmed...

So I am so interested in keeping tonight's episode a surprise, that I will not be checking email, looking at Blogs or doing anything even remotely electronic until -after- the episode. No spoilers for me.


1) Tony's gonna die. Or live and hope he's dead. Okay, I'm leaning towards dead.
2) Tony Jr.'s not gonna die, he's too annoying to .
3) Hesch will live.
4) Sil won't.
5) Paulie will, but you'll wish he didn't.
6) Carm, Meadow will likely live.
7) I take it back, Meadow is going to die. Sorry Meadow.
8) Fed dudes at Satriales will not arrest tony. (but something will happen with them, maybe)
9) Phil's gonna die.
10) That creepy looking guy working for Phil's gonna die. The one with the beady eyes?
11) We'll see Dr. Melfi for like all of 3 seconds.
12) There will be loose ends that are never gonna get tied up, cause, you know, that's life.
13) The last scene will be Tony sucking on a stogie.
14) The ducks will be back in the pool.

Have fun! See you after and I'll grade my predictions then :-)

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