June 19, 2007

Narita, Sakura Lounge, nursing a pokemon wound

Sometimes, Japan is everything you need it to be. I'm only here for 3 hours, waiting on my flight to Guangzhou, but it has already infused my brain with the Japanness. It's not the mini akihabara that is the duty free, nor is it the odd lack of a Cinnabon. No, it's the kid who flung a pokemon at me.

Well, okay, not at me, but sort of near me.

I choose you pikachu. Man, I'm sleepy.

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Anonymous said...

Totally offtopic, but could you perhaps blog a post about the future of FLOSS Weekly? Is it dead, can your listeners expect another episode? Perhaps you have some suggestions for other FLOSS oriented podcasts that people might check out.

Hope to see a new episode!!!!