June 10, 2007

My pathetic predictive performance....with major spoilers!

So, just watched the sopranos, as promised. And here's how I did:

Space to protect the innocent...

1) Tony's gonna die. Or live and hope he's dead. Okay, I'm leaning towards dead.

-1 I clearly suck at predicting.

2) Tony Jr.'s not gonna die, he's too annoying to .


3) Hesch will live.


4) Sil won't.

-1, He was alive at the end...

5) Paulie will, but you'll wish he didn't.


6) Carm, Meadow will likely live.


7) I take it back, Meadow is going to die. Sorry Meadow.

-1, but she not good at parallel parking.

8) Fed dudes at Satriales will not arrest tony. (but something will happen with them, maybe)

+1! (I might claim +2 for how much the fibbie helped tony)

9) Phil's gonna die.


10) That creepy looking guy working for Phil's gonna die. The one with the beady eyes?

-1, Beady was the peacemaker/traitor to phil.

11) We'll see Dr. Melfi for like all of 3 seconds.

-1, Nope.

12) There will be loose ends that are never gonna get tied up, cause, you know, that's life.

+1, I should get major credit for this one :-) This was the genius of this episode, Tony's life continues.

13) The last scene will be Tony sucking on a stogie.

-1 Nope. Does an onion ring count?

14) The ducks will be back in the pool.

-1, not in evidence.

All in all, one of the nerviest endings I've ever seen a tv go out with. My score, 0. Half right, half wrong.

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Nathan Weinberg said...

Well, the ducks were in the episode. They were flying overhead at some point. Really took my back, a great little touch.