June 14, 2007

Heading to China Next Week

I'm heading to the Linux Annual Summit in Ghuangzhou next week pre-foo camp. This will be my first trip to China, which might seem unusual, but our Chinese office asked me to consider the conference and I thought it would be interesting to expose myself to Linux in Asia in this manner and also, obviously, to experience a Chinese city for the first time.

I admit to being a little worried about the Air quality, although I was told by a friend that Guangzhou is one of the cleaner cities from that perspective. The energy (mostly coal derived) that is consumed in China is truly fearsome. I heard that they were adopting a crack schedule of nuclear power production and I think that from what I hear that it'll be none too soon from an air pollution perspective.

When I was a child, I remember how filthy the air in Salt Lake City was. You'd go skiing in the beautiful mountains, where the air was so clear it was astonishing and you'd literally drive into a miasma of pollution on your way down the mountain. This was most pronounced going down little cottonwood canyon after a fun day of skiing at Alta.

That all said, I feel like, with this trip to China, that I'm visiting the birthplace of all of my Electronics. Sort of a trip home for them.


Niall Kennedy said...

The Chinese have experimented with anti-aircraft guns loaded with silver iodine as an anti-smog measure. They hope to make it rain enough to keep the skies clear for the Olympics.

NPR segment on the rainmakers
USA Today article on the training programs

Andrew said...

I don't know if I'd ever want to go there until things got a lot better.

I watched a BBC world program. They execute more people then the rest of the world combined then sell their organs.

Anyway, I hope you have a good time and take lots of snaps for your blog.

Chinese culture can be very difficult to grasp so you might want to be prepared for that too.

Also be careful we regards to what medicine and hospitals you go to if any as some drugs haven't been tested properly.

You might also want to check out if you need to get any shots before you go.

Better safe then sorry.

Also if you ever come to Thailand I'll buy you a beer.

Tarus Balog said...

I was in Ghuangzhou in December of 1994. It was pretty nice, although a bit crowded. Are you going there directly or through Hong Kong? It's only a couple hours by train from Hong Kong and it is a real introduction into the Chinese countryside.

I then flew to Chengdu. Now the food in Chengdu is flat out amazing (if you like your food spicy) but being that I was there in winter and folks were pretty much burning all they could to stay warm, people who see my pictures from that trip think they were taken in black and white due to the gray ash over everything.

Neil said...

What a pity that I can't attend the summit because it's not open to individuals and it charges 800RMBs, though I'm in Guangzhou. I was there when you went to U of I last Fall. It was a pretty good talk. And now I'm doing SoC :)

Air quality in Guangzhou is not _that_ bad, but it's _very_ hot.

Adam Trachtenberg said...

I thought I was the only one stupid to go to Asia the week before Foo Camp. :)

I'll going to Seoul for LinuxWorld Korea. Leaving Monday, returning Friday, and then driving up to Sebastopol later that day.

Maybe I'll see you somewhere over Hawaii.

Kevin Chiu said...

Be glad you're not going to Beijing:

@Niall Kennedy
That is scary, yet interesting.