May 12, 2007

MC Hammer is nice and all, but would you pay >2k to see him pontificate on technology?

This is one of those posts I probably should just leave to the title, but....well, I call it egofood for a reason.

Let it be known that M.C. Hammer is a nice enough fellow. He visited the 'plex a year or two ago, and seemed awfully nice to people, you know, for someone named after a whacking implement. But with that said, I have to admit I found it a bit...well...specious...that he is on a panel at this Techcrunch conference dealie.

I thought that I'd join the tired jawboning that the other folks out there have been saying about it, but I figured, hell, it's been said, but maybe, just maybe, the internet needs one more cranky fellow like myself bitching about MC Hammer being elevated beyond his experience as some kind of thanks for a career in puffy pants.

But then I remembered...

Panels don't matter. So who cares if they have Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Rowdy Roddy Piper or freaking Hulk Hogan on it. And thus who cares if people bitch about it. Thus....I will now stop talking about MC Hammer for another 2 decades or so.

Observant DiBona followers will be putting together 2+2 now and will have figured out why I skipped on the panel at SXSW. It was, I admit, because they added more people to the panel than my upper limit allowed (and something else came up too, but they made it easy when I realized I would be 1 of 6 panelists)


mash said...

Please, Chris, don't hurt 'em.

Nicholas said...

2 Legit 2 Quit