May 19, 2007


Jim Gleason, an old pal, and I were having lunch in Chelsea, about 2 blocks from the New York Google offices, when a hubbub ensued. Jim and I were chatting about Linux (predictably, for sure) and our kids and such when we hear fighty noises coming from in front of the restaurant. People in the restaurant were watching and Jim and I, hidden from view, peered around the corner to see what was happening.

A riot? The fall of civilization? Not yet anyway. Turns out that this particular indian place was the fighting place for a local school. According to the proprietor, this happens every day, and every day he has to call the cops or shoo away the kids beating each other silly and those that watch it happen. He said "Everyday I have to deal with this! 50 people watching 2 idiots beat each other silly."

I felt bad for the guy. He had recently bought the space from another Indian place, and he must regret being the spot where kids fight. Of course, the cynic in me thinks this: Can you turn this around? Maybe a special 2pm fight special. Setup some tables that specifically face outside so that diners can watch the fights, etc... in fact setting up something like that may well drive the kids away faster than any police or irritated scramming by the waiters.


Tarus Balog said...

I thought school fights were held on buses.

Dossy said...

Dude, the first rule of Fight Club is you DO NOT talk about Fight Club!

Andrew said...

Quite funny I never would have thought about that.

Alan said...

LOL, I could see that increasing business. :) They could also provide boxing gloves and add a ring girl holding some signs.