May 22, 2007

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So Cory's post on Boing Boing made me think...hmmmm...I've not posted on my slight habit of buying graphic novels every two weeks or so. Here's the roll-up:

1) Powers

Think Law and Order, SVU where the 'S' means superheros. It's really a remarkable rethinking of the entire superhero-among-us genre. Terrific art, story, pacing and suspense from book to book spanning the entire arc of the series so far.

2) 30 Days of Night

Go read Cory's post on it, he summarizes it handily. The art style is incredibly creepy and takes a little getting used to. Don't read at night. Don't visit Barrow, AK. This book proves that Vampires can still be frightening.

3) Ex-Machina

In this book, a superhero with otherworldly granted power over machines and electronics becomes Mayor of New York city. It's not awful, but sometimes it isn't great, either. The art style isn't really my favorite.

4) Transmetropolitan

What could I possibly write about Transmetropolitan that hasn't been written? Nothing, really. It's okay, not as great as I'd have expected given the size of its fan base.

5) Invincible

Think a young adult targeted high-school to college targeted superhero comic and you're pretty much spot on. It's fun enough, and better than no comics at all, but it's a lightweight, for sure. A really fun drawing style, too. Reads like a huge homage to ever superhero ever made.

6) Y the Last Man

While the most recent compilation is weak, this is a very strong series detailing a world without men (save one) following a global catastrophe that left only women.

7) Walking Dead

This is a grim book, bring to the reader a world filled with zombies. Think of it as a companion piece to 28 days later and you won't be far off, it's sad though. Lots of death, as you might imagine.

8) Fables

So I thought I'd hate fables. The premise is that characters from old fables are real, immortal and living amongst us in the middle of New York City. Like I said, sounds pat, and cute, and such, and except for the most recent compilation "Wolves" it's a very entertaining, enjoyable collection.

9) DMZ

Fantastic if only a little too fantastic (I won't release any spoilers, but the thing under central park is just a bit too unrealistic for my taste) , this book is at its best, which is very good, when it concentrates on the travails of its main character, a reporter embedded deep in the city, experiences the civil wars effects on the city (New York) that straddles the line between the two sides.

10) Exterminators

Freaky good stuff, including: horrifically addictive bug spray, horrifically addictive bug spray resistant bugs, large evil horrifically addictive bug spray corporation pulling the strings on the small business exterminators that are finding out how horrifically addictive their bug spray is. Sounds goofy, I know, but it's really very good. Although a little creepy crawly.

Individual Books:

Supermarket and Pride of Baghdad, just go buy them.

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