April 7, 2007

Squirrel OSHA and some Graffiti: Library people are retards.......

I'm sitting in a private study room on the UIC campus and some friendly soul has written, with marker on the wall, "Library people are retards" . The UIC is a funny place. They have flying squirrels here. Seriously! I'm looking through the window at a squirrel who appears to be gathering nesting material for its den. Quite the industrious animal, imagine climbing up 4 stories of external wire fencing and other construction to get some detritus. The drama of hanging 4 stories over the quad, the adventure of hopping around the fence by scooching around the wiring. The excitement of the locating of the seeds that blew onto the roof.

To be a squirrel in Chicago seems like a lot of cold high wire work. Is there a squirrel OSHA? Nope...but searching for Squirrel OSHA is fearsome and not for the faint of heart or gentle of soul.

Man I'm sleepy. It's been a good visit to Chicago though. More on that when I'm at some real bandwidth and can upload my pictures.


nixternal said...


Thanks for the wonderful, and hilarious, talk you gave yesterday at the Flourish Conference here in Chicago. If you think the squirrels are nuts, mess with Chicago pidgeon, their paybuck stinks, literally.

Anyways, I had a question that didn't get a chance to be asked yesterday and if it is OK I will ask it now. I am a part-time Ubuntu/Kubuntu and KDE developer and got to work closely and watch some of the projects from last years SoC come to light. The one thing I noticed is that most, if not all, of the projects had little to no API or system documentation. With that being said do you think there is a future for creating a smaller side project for the SoC to work in parallel with the larger project in order to bring people to F/OSS that may not be developers just yet but are interested in the F/OSS world? No money to hand out, but maybe a shirt, mug, and a thank you certificate that says something like "So-and-so completed his/her first introductory blah blah for the Google SoC".

Thanks again Chris and keep on rockin'!

Chris DiBona said...

We don't really have anything like that in the hopper. I'm glad that you liked the speech :-)