April 25, 2007

New Laptop, an X60s

I've been meaning to post about this for a little while. I was getting tired of a nasty battery problem on my old T43p and we've started getting in the new 60 series of laptops at work. I decided to replace the old machine with the X60s and I'm super glad I did.

It is a remarkable laptop: 100gb sata drive, 7 hours of battery life (with the extendo battery) and 1.83ghz core duo proccy's with up to 4 gigabytes of ram. It's insanely fast and at twice the battery life and half the weight. It has a built in EDGE card and more than enough power to run Ubuntu in a vm. I've not tried installing Linux native yet on it, but the performance under linux is plenty snappy enough. I've even started using this little side bag from linux.conf.au 2007 that's perfecto for it.

I understand they have a 1400x1050 version, but I'm actually happier than I thought I would be with 1024x768. Full screen modes (F11 in firefox) are your friend. Also, it has a video card fast enough that I can play Homeworld 2 on it. It is a fairly remarkable thing.


Ryan said...

whoa, they have one that does 1400x1050 in the X series form factor? sweet!

i've coveted that smaller size for years, but 1024x768 isn't quite enough for two 80-column emacs frames side by side. that had been the showstopper for me...until now! sign me up!

Chris DiBona said...

Yeah, but only for the tablet one, it looks like. So you at least get something besides the extra weight with your touchscreen :-)

Shashank said...

4GB RAM? Strange, because the specs on IBM's site claim a max of 2GB. The rest of the specs you mention are all available on Sony Vaio SZ now, which has much better functionality overall -- fingerprint protection which makes logon amazing, screen fade to save battery when you're not using it, bluetooth etc, and a widescreen which one gets used to and once one does, one never wants to go back to 1024x768 or any other non-widescreen. I suppose IBM partnership may have other corporate implications for Google as a listed company, but I hate to prick your balloon - the laptop you got is not the most amazing.

dmp said...

I have a predecessor to that machine, the T40, with the 1400x1050 screen and I installed Ubuntu Linux 7.04 on it recently. The install was easier than installing Windows XP and it took advantage of all of the hardware.

I highly recommend Ubuntu as the base OS. If you need Windows for some apps, get VirtualBox to run Windows in -- the price is right (free) and it runs Win2K just fine on my old laptop. (I use Win2K for Photoshop mostly, it won't run correctly on Wine.)

I really wonder about buying a 1024X768 screen these days -- that seems so small... but then all the consumer laptops are only 1280x800...

Chris DiBona said...

Responding to shashank:

I think you might be right about the 4gb thing...but I still really like it. You have no balloon to prick, really. I haven't been okay with buying Sony laptops since the first thin Vaio and their reliability issues.

Anonymous said...

very nice. Me want :-D

I just installed Kubuntu 7.04 on my R51 runs very well, I'm very impressed with this distro

Anonymous said...

I think I'm hanging on for the T61

BillR said...

I was excited when I saw that there was (finally!) an approved linux laptop image. I don't run any builds or anything from my laptop, so I couldn't care less about lack of NFSness.

Then I find out my aging T41 isn't supported. Well, crap.

Maybe I ought to get a new one. My battery barely lasts through an hour meeting even on the dimmest possible screen, and the lid has trouble staying open.

Techno said...

The X60s is a great machine - I was lucky enough to be able to use one a couple of days ago and it was exceptionally fast and light. Actually I was playing computer games on it. Right now is an exciting time for technology, particularly mobile technology covering laptops, mobile phones and PDAs. Also the web and they way they all work with the web. I get my laptops and peripherals from Portable Universe and I can thoroughly recommend them. The best thing for people to do is to talk to them, let them know what your needs are (both current and future) and they will come up with the best laptop for you. I also get blank DVDs there for my backup.

Ben Metcalfe said...

The X60s is a sweet little machine, it's my current weapon of choice.

I remember in a certain discussion with you a year or so I go I mentioned how much I loved this series! I was probably being overly arrogant in that situation (I have the tendency to do that, that I have to keep in check) but they really are killer machines.

I tried the tablet one, but I'm not sure whether the single hinge for the screen (to accommodate the swivel) would survive the drop test.

BTW Ubuntu and Fedora run perfectly native - no driver issues (at least with my config).


Uwe said...

Battery life lower in Kubuntu than in XP
Hi I just bought the extended battery for my new X60s. The Kubuntu energy monitor tells me that I have 4 hours battery life, while in XP it tells me 5 hours. I have not tested it though. But I wonder is the energy saving method so much better in XP?

Uwe Brauer

Uwe said...

I just bought the extended battery for the X60s, however the Kubuntu energy monitor tells me I have 4 hours with full battery while in XP
I have 5 hours. I have not checked so far, but could it be that the energy saving method is much better in XP than in Kubuntu?

Uwe Brauer

Speedy Closets said...

Sounds like a great laptop. How much does it retail for?