March 20, 2007

I went for the beach theme with a cool ice tea.

So about three months ago, Google stopped stocking Tejava ice tea in the micro-kitchens. I was suffering through relying on diet coke to provide my caffination needs. This had an effect on my quality of life, and I was going to order a few cases or twelve of the stuff.

Tejava is a iced tea made by the crystal geyser people. It is simply tea, no more, no less. No sweetening, no lemon, no chemicals of note, served in a glass bottle to deter plastic tastingness, it is a very good and tasty tea to add lemon and such to.

UPDATE: The nice thing about this is that this week they started restocking Tejava....Duh...thought I mentioned that.

Happily today, on the same day we launched themes on iGoogle, and I chose the beach theme. Ahhhhhh.....


Michael Harrison said...

Agh. I'm visiting next week and I was looking so forward to the Tejava. Alas.

kimbalina said...

I re-read this a couple of times and was like...I must be missing something here.

Glad to hear that it's back.

omg....addiction is kicking back this in your bldg?

Going to go find it now.

DeWitt Clinton said...

Sadly, we forgot to take a picture of the cache of Tejava you built up upon hearing word that it would no longer be stocked.

What I thought had to be a year supply was gone in what, two weeks?

Glad you're getting it back.

Ryan said...

mmm...i <3 tejava too.