March 3, 2007

Bose.....still a bunch of jerks.

At the Denver airport, to sell their over-priced crapfest headphones, Bose has installed, next to the food court, a demonstration and sales booth. Here's how it works:

1) A mark walks up to the booth
2) Bose dude says "Hey, check this out....put these on."
3) The mark puts on the headphones.
5) Bose dude turns on a very loud low frequency noise. (through their crappy subwoofers)
6) The mark likely notes that he can't hear the low frequencies as much as he used to be able to without the headphones.
7) 125 diners look at Bose booth wondering what the hell is wrong with Bose employees that they think it is okay to do this every 45 seconds.
8) Bose dude doesn't notice, continues to sell his crappy crapola.
9) Cute tiny Kittens all throughout the airport look and complain.
10) The mark does or doesn't buy the earphones, not noticing the enormous hole in the mid-frequencies that real engines assault if you use them.
11) People with real headphones look on with pity at the mark who is now a purchaser of the bulky, poorly made, terribly designed, Bose headphones.

That is all. Yes, I was annoyed by marketing at the airport. Again.

(also, I lied again about the presence of kittens. No kittens were annoyed by the Bose people that I know of)


Rob Blatt said...

There's a saying in the audio community: If it's not quality, it's Bose.

CraigM said...

I went to the local Bose outlet with disc in hand of Utopia Banished to edumacate my bro-in-law (and annoy the sales vultures in the Bose store). Unfortunately they were too many vultures around the store to sneak in some death metal, so I resigned myself to the headphones. I swear on the lives of those I hold holy, those headphones sounded worse than my $20 cheap Koss Headphones. No bass, no midrange, and the muddiest sound I've ever heard. And that's with their carefully picked source material. Ridiculous. My bro-in-law couldn't believe how crappy those headphones were.

No Highs, No Lows... must be Bose.

Steve said...

mate - that is about as annoying as Wok-Fi at a Kiwi Foo Camp.
I hope you get your dream cans back - otherwise try my trustee Sennheiser PX300's. Hundreds of hours use without one complaint or noise!
Good luck!
Simmsy (New Zealand)

Anonymous said...

2 of my buddies and I bought the original noise-cancelling ones (~$300). All 3 of us have seen the same problem happen: the plastic cracks at the same spot and requires supergluing/taping to fix. I don't mind the sound quality as much as previous posts, but the cheap plastic failing is total jackassery.

Edouard said...

My etymotic ER4-P's are one of my most valued possessions too... I've had mine for 4 or 5 years now, and they're still going strong - sorry to hear your ones broke.

For those wanting to buy some, get them through the - they are US$175 currently. Do not pay $330 :-)