February 11, 2007


Sitting in LAX, current sounds:

1) Dude behind me watching 24 on his laptop, no headphones, loudish laptop speakers.
2) Dude to my side, cell phone.
3) Overhead corporate-rock.
4) Gal on cell phone, 2 seats away.
5) Overhead security theatre announcements.
6) Gal on Cell phone, right behind me.

Only saving grace is the lack of a CNN in-flight speaker blaring as well.

If you think about it, isn't the Airport the one place you want to not have to shut out the world with the best headphones ever? You want to hear announcements and such, but they make it so pointless to try. Of course, I'm now sliding on my fabulous headphones, will listen to the BSG Season 1 soundtrack.

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Tarus Balog said...

I swear by my Etymotic 4Ps that I bought several years ago. Forget Bose, they are small, require no power and really keep the noise out. So now when the family with the screaming infant sits down next to me, I just smile and put 'em in.