February 14, 2007

No, wait, they're lying.

It started, thusly:

Stewardess pre-takeoff: "We have detected 3 cell phones have been left on in the cabin."

People next to me: "Wow, how do they know that.....what do you know, my cell is on!"

I didn't say anything. I wonder if:

a) The flight attendant knew she was lying. (I know, I know)
b) Liked lying to people.
c) This lie is now part of the Southwest Airlines experience
Or, sadder still:
d) That the people next to me on planes believe it.


Tarus Balog said...

I loved the Economist piece last year which included such gems as:

"Please switch off all mobile phones, since they can interfere with the aircraft's navigation systems. At least, that's what you've always been told. The real reason to switch them off is because they interfere with mobile networks on the ground, but somehow that doesn't sound quite so good. On most flights a few mobile phones are left on by mistake, so if they were really dangerous we would not allow them on board at all, if you think about it. We will have to come clean about this next year, when we introduce in-flight calling across the Veritas fleet. At that point the prospect of taking a cut of the sky-high calling charges will miraculously cause our safety concerns about mobile phones to evaporate."

Ryan said...

you're probably right. i'd guess it is a deliberate, well-intentioned white lie on southwest's part.

having said that, i'm sure a CDMA radio wave detector does exist. is it a stretch to think it could tell you (roughly!) how close the nearest signal is coming from?

of course, IANAL...er, i mean, i am not a hardware hacker.

Anonymous said...

I was on a SouthWest flight and the flight attendant, who could have done stand-up, gave the speech that passengers should not unbuckle their seatbelt until the plane came to a complete stop. Once we landed and were taxiing to the gate, he stated that 5 passengers had unbuckled their seatbelt...sure enough we could all hear a few people re-buckle their seatbelts. It was, however, just a joke.


Taniwha the Wally said...

and have less planes crashed since they started lying?