February 21, 2007

New Floss Up.....Jeff Waugh

After a short paternity break, I present to you.... Floss Weekly 16! 17 is in the can as well and 18 is recording tuesday. Which is, well, awesome.


Tony Vance said...

Thanks! This is my favorite podcast, so I appreciate you taking the time to record these.

Now that Java will be opensourced under the GPL, do you have any interest in covering what the implications of an open source Java will have for Sun and the larger FLOSS community?

JL said...

¡At last!

Thanks very much... The interviews are great and the anecdotes are even better.

Being a peruvian geek I find it awesome to hear geeks from around the world share the same experiences.

Keep up the great work!

PS: If Google opens a peruvian office let me know! ha ha!

Anonymous said...

For those of us who enjoy the show, do you think you could convince Leo to either post an update once in a while, post an actual episode, or maybe change the name from Floss Weekly to something more descriptive?

Lloyd Budd said...

Great session! I created some show notes.

Omega said...

You need to crack the whip on Leo, been a freakin month since the last FLOSS WEEKLY. Us real geeks need out fix! Either that or convince google to pay to do a FLOSS weekly "Brought to you by google" eh?

Thanks for all the time you guys put in to this podcast!