February 23, 2007

McMansion Disastah

We used to live in Placerville, a nice town about 60 miles from South Lake Tahoe and about 20 miles up from Folsom, Ca. Folsom has been undergoing exceptionally rapid growth over the last decade, what with the opening of an enormous Intel complex and its proximity to both Sacramento and the Bay Area. A lot of bay area expatriates have moved to a town named "El Dorado Hills", just a few miles north of Folsom.

My Wife lived in Placerville as a teenager as and remembers the rolling golden hills free of mcmansions and Best Buys. But, alas, civilizations must advance. When we lived there (for maybe 3 or so years) we saw the growth of the Serrano and its sister subdivisions cover countless acres of yellow grassed scrub with homes boasting of golf courses, 3 car garages and 4,000+ square feet of opulent, privileged living, starting in the low 500s. 500s became 600s. 600s became 700s and 700s became 800s from 1999 through to 2004 when we high tailed it back to the bay area when I got the new job.

We didn't like those houses on that pretty land, but it wasn't because of the onrush of humanity, that's fine, it was the construction. So fast. So lazy. So ugly.

I take no pleasure is seeing what has happened in the last 3 years since we left. It's like that movie Poltergeist. We heard from friends about roofs sliding off, stairs collapsing and similar fast-build headaches. Then, the insanely prevelant naturally occuring asbestos was noticed by the new folsomites and if that wasn't enough ... the mold problems stemming from shoddy construction practices.

But, they keep on building.

And people keep on buying.

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Anonymous said...

Please be sure to visit www.hobb.org (homeowners for better building) www.hadd.com(homeowners against deficient dwellings) exposing new home builders.
When you are on hobb go to homeowner's websites.
It is an eye opener. If you know anyone who is a victim of shoddy construction they can go to contact us on hobb and email the president of the organization.
people need to speak up to their local and state officials.