February 19, 2007

Ghost Rider....nope, not gonna work.

Allow me to make a prediction. Ghost Rider will last 3 weeks, 4 top, in the theatres. I mean, did they -read- the comic? Who reads that comic and says "Hmm, flaming dude on a motorbike.....that will make for a non-cheeserific money maker! Look at that Skull! It's scary!" I picture the same people who green lit those cynical Cinderella straight to dvd followons -loving- this (and, no, I won't buy those either :-) ).

I'm just saying. Flop. Flopity flop flop flop. I think Cage could do better. But then again, he's made his share of mistakes.

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Jon said...

The fact that they didn't do screenings for critics is a pretty good indication that your prediction is likely to be correct :) Currently stands at 26% on rotten tomatoes.

At least with ghost rider, the source comic is retarded to begin with. With the new transformers movie, I'm pretty sure Michael Bay will deliver pretty CG and quality Optimus Prime quotes (http://www.transformersmovie.com/main.html, "prime speaks") while stomping all over my childhood memories.

- Jon