February 23, 2007

McMansion Disastah

We used to live in Placerville, a nice town about 60 miles from South Lake Tahoe and about 20 miles up from Folsom, Ca. Folsom has been undergoing exceptionally rapid growth over the last decade, what with the opening of an enormous Intel complex and its proximity to both Sacramento and the Bay Area. A lot of bay area expatriates have moved to a town named "El Dorado Hills", just a few miles north of Folsom.

My Wife lived in Placerville as a teenager as and remembers the rolling golden hills free of mcmansions and Best Buys. But, alas, civilizations must advance. When we lived there (for maybe 3 or so years) we saw the growth of the Serrano and its sister subdivisions cover countless acres of yellow grassed scrub with homes boasting of golf courses, 3 car garages and 4,000+ square feet of opulent, privileged living, starting in the low 500s. 500s became 600s. 600s became 700s and 700s became 800s from 1999 through to 2004 when we high tailed it back to the bay area when I got the new job.

We didn't like those houses on that pretty land, but it wasn't because of the onrush of humanity, that's fine, it was the construction. So fast. So lazy. So ugly.

I take no pleasure is seeing what has happened in the last 3 years since we left. It's like that movie Poltergeist. We heard from friends about roofs sliding off, stairs collapsing and similar fast-build headaches. Then, the insanely prevelant naturally occuring asbestos was noticed by the new folsomites and if that wasn't enough ... the mold problems stemming from shoddy construction practices.

But, they keep on building.

And people keep on buying.

February 22, 2007

I wish it were true....

I was recently quoted as saying "50% of all deployed software is open source". That's an awesome quote. It has legs. I've seen it in a couple of articles now. The only problem?

I didn't say it.

However, I did say something like it. I have said, many times and in a variety of ways, "According to our studies, anywhere between 42% and 50%, depending on how you count, of open source software is licensed under the GPL." I usually say this as part of my stuff on GPLv3, and why it is important to understand.

The quote I see though is : 50% of all deployed software is open source

Which is pretty awesome, if true. Properly enumerating open source adoption has at the best of times been quite difficult, so I don't think that this is a provable number at any rate, ever.

My outrage is quite present, I assure you.

Notice: I have to deal with the press a fair amount for my work at the big G so I generally do not try to call out the average reporter or bloggers errors in judgement or lack of fact checking around matters open source. But......sometimes.....

I usually I delete the first draft of things like what you are about to read yay verily, but this one time, I want to get it out there.

Outrage #1: Lazy Open Source Converage.

I was reading this post on Datamation detailing the 'Ten Leading Open Source Innovators" and I couldn't help but think....what kind of crap is this?

First off, the page is almost 80% advertising, which is too much in my opinion and brings down the value of any one ad from a practical standpoint.

Second, they do the page view inflating crap that is the 'top 10 list, 1 per page'. So annoying.

Third: SugarCRM is not flippin' Open Source. If a company requires you to add a badge at the bottom of a page to use their software (which they do), and that badge is a trademarked logo (which it is), and they can and have kept people from using the logo, which prevents the use of the software, then it's not open source. GPL + attribution requirements that include trademarks == total control over use.

I wouldn't mind at all, but SugarCRM continues to bill themselves as "commercial open source". They are not open source, commercial or otherwise. Freeware or Shareware maybe. Professional Service ware, for sure. But Open Source? Nope.

And, yes, I feel like I'm the only one tilting at this particular windmill. The only one.

Fourth: Montevista. I really hope they've turned things around. But a leading open source innovator? There have been no end of hotness embedded linux stories in open source of the last year, and the reporter picked Montevista? Wha?

Fifth: You have this list, in which you've tried to create your elite list of junk, then number 10 is "everyone in large companies from microsoft to EMC to IBM to whomever". What? So all of the article, which now practically includes the entire industry in it is somehow pointing people to the innovators in open source? Lame. Lazy.

Damn kids. Get off my damn lawn.

Well, at least they don't show snap previews. That would have made my head explode.

Outrage #2: ESR Quits Fedora. (no link provided, not gonna do it, nope.)

I'm totally feeding the troll here, but if you were to, oh, I don't know, erase your /lib directory and then your OS died. Whose fault is it? (windows folks, imagine if you deleted windows/system32 and Apple users, imagine if you, uh, dropped a brick on it or whatever)

People feel most outraged when they do something patently stupid, something they know is foolish and which they knew was foolish when they did it. I generally don't jump on the slam ESR bandwagon, he's done some interesting and even important things for Open Source, but this kind of stuff, well, it makes you shake your head.

I had more, but I was feeling all save-to-draft-and-delete if I included them. I also had something happy about puppies and kittens to bring myself up from the gloom that pervades this article.

Okay, I lied about the kittens. Sorry.

February 21, 2007

New Floss Up.....Jeff Waugh

After a short paternity break, I present to you.... Floss Weekly 16! 17 is in the can as well and 18 is recording tuesday. Which is, well, awesome.

February 19, 2007

Ghost Rider....nope, not gonna work.

Allow me to make a prediction. Ghost Rider will last 3 weeks, 4 top, in the theatres. I mean, did they -read- the comic? Who reads that comic and says "Hmm, flaming dude on a motorbike.....that will make for a non-cheeserific money maker! Look at that Skull! It's scary!" I picture the same people who green lit those cynical Cinderella straight to dvd followons -loving- this (and, no, I won't buy those either :-) ).

I'm just saying. Flop. Flopity flop flop flop. I think Cage could do better. But then again, he's made his share of mistakes.

February 14, 2007

The easiest way to get Vista working on your laptop.

I was talking with my old pal Michael Clyne about Vista and he told me a horror story about his dentist installing vista and the pain he experienced. If you consider that and the recent kerfuffle with Microsoft "Bribing Bloggers" with sexy laptops you can quickly realize that Microsoft wasn't trying to bribe the bloggers in question, oh no, they were just helping them get vista installed.

The controversy aside, the laptops are -very- nice. I met one of the recipients in New Zealand and I thought the little bluetooth voip handset was a nice touch. No wonder people thought Microsoft was being all bribey.

No, wait, they're lying.

It started, thusly:

Stewardess pre-takeoff: "We have detected 3 cell phones have been left on in the cabin."

People next to me: "Wow, how do they know that.....what do you know, my cell is on!"

I didn't say anything. I wonder if:

a) The flight attendant knew she was lying. (I know, I know)
b) Liked lying to people.
c) This lie is now part of the Southwest Airlines experience
Or, sadder still:
d) That the people next to me on planes believe it.

Yes, Dammit, Groklaw's PJ Exists.

Hi Everyone.

Despite what you might be reading, PJ actually exists. I've had BBQ with her in North Carolina and have run into her at conferences here and there. Could she be a chimera? A fake? A front of IBM? Sure. She could also be an alien from planet Q and we are all but her dreamtime. Whenever I ran into PJ, she was always the same person. If she is faking it, then she should go into acting, not debunking SCO's legal claims against IBM.

February 12, 2007

Holy Crap. That is -so- flipping cool.

First, for those of you reading this within a feed reader, this one time, load this in a browser by going to egofood.blogspot.com . Look to the right of the post and you'll see a dynamically loading news bar about yours truly. You can make your own newsbar, customized to your vain narcissism (like me!) or your interests, by going to the uds page on google.com and getting the code. Couldn't be easier. Also, there is one for books!

February 11, 2007


Sitting in LAX, current sounds:

1) Dude behind me watching 24 on his laptop, no headphones, loudish laptop speakers.
2) Dude to my side, cell phone.
3) Overhead corporate-rock.
4) Gal on cell phone, 2 seats away.
5) Overhead security theatre announcements.
6) Gal on Cell phone, right behind me.

Only saving grace is the lack of a CNN in-flight speaker blaring as well.

If you think about it, isn't the Airport the one place you want to not have to shut out the world with the best headphones ever? You want to hear announcements and such, but they make it so pointless to try. Of course, I'm now sliding on my fabulous headphones, will listen to the BSG Season 1 soundtrack.