January 1, 2007

What am I optimistic about? Why?

Recently John Brockman asked me to contribute to the Edge year-end question. This puts me in good company (and boy do I feel like the minor contributor in this group, including Dawkins and so many others)

This year, the question positited to us was: "What are you optimistic about? Why?" As part of the invitation to participate, he asked that we should try to write about something that isn't normally associated with us, if we liked.

I liked.

My essay, titled "Widely Available, Constantly Renewing, High Resolution Images of the Earth Will End Conflict and Ecological Devastation As We Know It" is pretty optimistic and is only tangentially related to open source.

It is probably one of the more political things I've written in a long time. Long time readers and friends will know I don't like to mix my personal politics into my work at Google and with Open Source, but I enjoyed writing this. Please read and tell me your thoughts.

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Petr said...

Hey Chris, great Rap. You miss one point though, which is the ability of using GE to show imagery about the environmental impacts of proposed projects BEFORE they happen, and thus rally opposition against them. The next step is to find ways to do this in fully realistic 3D. I have been doing this in the Canadian North thanks to the free copy of GE Professional, generously provided by the Google Corp. Regards, Petr Cizek