January 14, 2007


Two things happened over the last week that I'm going to comment on. I warn you that it might be pointless and boring:

1) Linden Labs releases open source second life client.

The creators of Second life (Or sadville as the Register likes to call it) released their client into open source. Immediate reaction from most people looked like this:
  • The client is worthless without the server
  • Opening anything without federating the geography is worthless.
  • Opening the world without opening the databases is worthless.
  • Second life is a bunch of furries who I hate, LOL.
My reaction: Thanks Linden! Having the client makes creating an open source server 10 billion times easier. It also makes the client eventually better for everyone, especially if they (linden) are good at taking patches.

Do I like 2nd life? No. I tried it recently and It wasn't my kind of thing at all. Do I translate my dislike for Linden's take on the metaverse into a dislike of their open sourcing a crap ton of code? Not on your life.

This was -very- cool of them. You can bet that there will be a client that links to new, freaky-deaky, open source servers as they come online. And they -will- come online. Other cool things you'll find:
  • Second life clients for odd, also-ran operating systems like solaris, beos, etc..
  • Second life clientlets that people can create, having examined their protocols, for everything ranging from mobile devices to web pages.
  • Private 2nd life servers (3rd life? Onelife? whatevah) for peoples private information stores.
This could also lead to a standardish way of transmitting this kind of environment. This could be very cool in the end for all of us, not just those who buy into 2nd life.

2) Apple Announces the iPhone.

I'm not going to say much about the iPhone. It looks neat, a bezeless touchscreen and all the ipodness that people seem to really like should make for a fun phone. A lot of people have said a lot of things about this phone, and the major bitch seems to come down to apples choice of Cingular. Let me make something very clear: If Apple picked any single carrier, they would have been treated equally as shabbily. All of the carriers have a core of people who hate them and their practices. Sprint/Nextel, Cingular, Verizon, Orange, Virgin, Helio, you name it, someone hates them, and they blog.

Will Apple provide other carriers or an unlocked phone? Sure. Cingular isn't everywhere apple wants to be so -of course- they'll offer service on other networks or even an unlocked phone.

See, isn't that better?

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