January 21, 2007

Good Restaurants in Auckland or Wellington?

I'll be there soon, and I'd love to find a Tetsuya's level place to eat while in town. Any tips, my New Zealand readers? I found a breakdown on Chowhound that seems a good start. As an FYI, I'll be speaking at the Great Blend in wellington on the 8th and and at the Auckland Linux Users Group on the 5th, as well as a few other places. Should be a lot of fun.

This will be the first time I'll be visiting New Zealand, when I was a small boy I made a plaster mold of NZ for a geography project, and the embassy -promised- that any mistakes I made would be made physical on the island, so I expect to find massive fingerprints around Christchurch. Will they worship me as the god that shaped their land?


Andy Chilton said...

Hope you have a good time over here in Welly (and NZ in general).

I'm not a big eat-out person so can't help you there, but I would love to know more about the 'Great Blend'. Do you have a link for us? Thanks.

Sorry to dent your God-like aspirations but I can also confirm that Chch doesn't seem to have fingerprints in it, even when looking from the sky.

piotr said...

I'm not going to recommend one plae as I don't really have one single favorite restaurant in AKL, but there are two places in Auckland, known for a variety of good (supposedly) restaurants:
- Viaduct Basin - the waterfront in Auckland's CBD. You'll probably sleep in one of nearby hotels
- Ponsonby Street and neighboring streets.
Both of those places offer a few restaurants within a shot walk range.
There is also a good website that will guide you through AKL's restaurants - http://www.menus.co.nz/auckland/.

Can you post the exact schedule of your talks in NZ?


Ian McDonald said...

I would recommend Mikano http://www.mikano.co.nz/home/ and Orbit http://www.skycityauckland.co.nz/skycity/auckland/restaurants-and-bars/orbit/orbit_home.cfm in Auckland.

You don't want to speak at Waikato LUG (http://wlug.org.nz) by any chance?? I am president of it and it is 90 minutes south of Auckland. You can find me at http://iansblog.jandi.co.nz

Chris DiBona said...

I'll post a full schedule as soon as I've got it all nailed down.

Chris DiBona said...

Thanks everyone!

gregdane said...

Here are a couple of ideas for you:
1- Soul, on the Viaduct Harbour- best for drinks and entrees
2- China, if you like (mostly) authentic Chinese food, you'll love this place.
3- Cin Cin, may not be quite as good as it was a few years back but the setting is hard to beat-

Pat Brogan said...

Few places in Wellington that you might like to try.

Capitol - Sumptuous food but hard to get into after 7 as they don't take reservations.
Matterhorn - Great little bar and interesting food.
Arbitrageur - Excellent food and a serious wine list.

Miriam said...

My votes:
Hayashi - my favourite small Japanese Restaurant (in Birkenhead, Auckland). Eat the sashimi, chawanmushi and get the assorted vinegary specialities.
Mudbrick for their wine with cuisine (Waiheke Island, Auckland).
Sails for seafood (Viaduct, Auckland City).

Edouard said...

Following on from Miriam - if you're looking for the top end of the spectrum, my wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed:

White - in the Hilton at the end of Princess Wharf. Extremely good.
Otto's - in the Metropolis complex. Also extremely good.
Antoines - In Parnell. Been a very long time since I was there, but everyone still says it's good.
Prime - Near the waterfront. Good.
Rocco - In Ponsonby. Very good.
One Tree Grill - Mount Eden. Good.

The other place that springs to mind is The French Cafe, which I've actually never been to, but everyone recommends it as one of the top 5 in Auckland.

But if I were actually heading out for my own pleasure, I'd go to:

Cafe Latte - Point Chevilier. Small Italian restaurant run (as in he owns it and is the cook) by Ciro Sannino. Fantasic food.
Nishiki - Freemans Bay - Japanese robatayaki bar - the food and drink just keep coming. Make me miss Japan every time I go there.

(My wife would pick White if you asked her)

the_donn said...


Browsed to your blog 'cos of discussion with colleague about a meeting he would be having with you next week and found your restaurant question: I have not been to Tetsuya, but 'degustation' suggests Rex Morgan and Citron:


He has of course done a NZ scale 'Wolfgang Puck' and opened another restaurant in Queenstown...

Another 'fine dining' experience would be Logan Brown
http://www.loganbrown.co.nz/ - beware! Flash enabled ...

Matterhorn - Friday evening trendy bar + good food


Lisa said...

In Auckland, I HIGHLY recommend Soto restaurant at the Three Lamps end of Ponsonby Rd (actual address 13 St. Mary's Rd). Deeee-lish Japanese food. They have an outdoor garden, too.

At the cheaper end, Tanuki's Cave on Queen Street is also great. Good yakitori and sake and an informal atmosphere.

See you at Kiwi Foo Camp. Will you bring me a Tony & Alba's pizza from Mtn. View?

Phil said...

If you come down to Christchurch you can check out the fingerprints for yourself. :-)

If you happen to be here on Tues Feb 13th you could even check out our monthly "The Valley in Christchurch" dinner:


M Freitas said...

Tuesday is a NZ national holiday... If you are in Wellington already I guess you have hosts. But if you don't have anything arranged for that day, contact me and we can go out for dinner.

Sam said...

If you're looking for something social to do on Thursday in Wellington, we've got a lively bunch of tech people who attend curry each week:


Contact me if you're keen.

Edouard said...

Chris - would you care to post (as a new blog entry) any of your eating experiences in New Zealand? I'd love to hear about the good ones.