January 27, 2007

Fallout 3, Dammit.

I simply cannot wait for Fallout 3. There was an awful rumor that it would only work on the 360, a console I don't own and honestly don't want to own, but I think I will choose to not believe that is possible. Longtime friends of mine will know that I carry a copy of Fallout 2 with me everywhere, on every computer I own. I even lasered this pipboy image on my laptop.

I have a zip of the programs directory that I keep on my Archos, happily giving up a gig or so of the 160 for it. I hope that 3 is better than the vicious-vomiting-upon-my-dream game that was Fallout Tactics. I simply shudder when thinking of it (and refuse to link to it, so there).

People who knew me when I worked on Rekonstruction know that I was heavilty inspired by Fallout. They were very different games, but still....I hope Bethesda pulls it off.

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Dean said...

How did you laser the logo? It's awsome.

Anonymous said...

I am also a Fallout junkie. After reading this:

I re-installed Fallout 2 for the xxth time and I am once again wandering the wasteland.

Let's pray they get it right!

Taylor said...

Fallout 3 will not be for 360 only. It's being develloped for the PC and they're deciding on what other platforms to bring it to later. It's primarily a PC game, but it will probably be released for the 360 and the PS3 as well.

Anonymous said...

Caught your blog while searching for FALL OUT 3. I won't describe my self as a diehard gamer but I can remember having played FALL OUT2 (completely)for about a dozen times. I stopped playing it in 2003 and had to restrain myself from restarting it again.
What was it that made you like fall out so much.