January 1, 2007

And with the new year, more clues...

Hi Everyone, so much to chat about....

I'm on paternity leave, which is pretty terrific. Bonding with the new kidlet, seeing a lot of my family. It's not hugely long, but long enough to do some things that I've been meaning to do, including arranging my photo and mp3 collection. My wife bought me a bitchen personal media player/external drive, the Archos 504 160gb player. Yes. 160 flippin gigabytes. Amazing. Holds all kinds of things, but most importantly, it is a handy movie, music, and photo offloading data storage device. I'm going to go through and edit my photo collection heavily...get rid of the c-roll stuff, the blurries and such, then make the Archos version the authoritative collection.

I've been pretty obsessive about backing up the photos onto multiple drives and on machines on other coasts, but it makes maintenance harder. With the Archos, I can manipulate the archives and then use that as the source for the backups. I'm approaching 25gbs of pictures and movies, and I think I could probably lose about 5gb of that post edit. I mean, I like Maddog a lot, but I don't need pictures of him from 20 different open source conferences.

I'm going to do an in depth review of the Archos 504 here in a few posts as most of the online review and either weak or reflect a logically limited amount of time to review them.

I'm not really a resolution kind of person, but if I were to make one it would be to write more.

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Sid Steward said...

Cool gizmo -- I'll check it out. I've been keeping my 'cloud' on a 90GB USB drive. I use unison to synch it with my misc. computers. It's also nice to have emacs, PuTTY, firefox and thuderbird everywhere I go, too (hint: use -profile option for both ff and tb).

I have a trick for getting around drive letter assingments on Windows. I use a batch file to invoke my USB-hosted programs:

set DL=%~d0
set TB=%DL%\programs\firefox\firefox.exe
set TP=%DL%\data\firefox_profile
start %TB% -profile %TP%

Oh, and xampp is a nice USB-hosted web server package. Makes my USB completely 'cloud compatible' ;-)