December 5, 2006


In my ongoing mission to keep myself typing so I don't look like an utter fool in print, I bring you a inter-blog mash note about Watchismo. Watchismo is a fun blog about watches that are weird, cool, normal and dysfunctional. People who know me might say "But, Chris, you don't even wear a watch. Are you some kind of watch poseur?" I assure you, dear readers that I am not going for some kind of watch duplicity, some temporally oriented deceit at all. I like watches, but I can't manage to wear them for longer than a month or so before I find them kind of redundant with the other clocks on my person and I leave them behind in a NASA style reduction in weight before going on a long flight.

That said, I find some watches, like the tumbler one, marvels of physical engineering in a way that cell phones and laptops and such aren't. I get more excitement out of the Sidekicks hinge than the entire software suite on my blackberry. Mind you, the berry is a fine machine, it just fails to excite me in the same way that durable, very very rad, machinery does. Rad in fact is the word I'd most like to have apply to things I work on. I don't know if I've achieved this, but I've certainly tried for the rad-ness. Google is a pretty rad place. I'm just saying.


mash said...

Recent favourite: the Tag Heuer belt-driven watch:

The post has a link to the TH site:

Watch the video ... it's the coolest thing you'll see this side of B45-2 ;-)

Jon Abbott said...

I too have gone sans-watch lately. However the inner nerd in me wishes I had the Casio CFX-40 scientific calculator watch (not just the garden-variety Data Bank).

How many other watches have a "RAD" button? :^)