December 14, 2006

Thinkpad Laser Etching Photos

Someone in the comments asked for pictures of my laser etched laptop. The Thinkpad T43p has a black magnesium finish and takes a laser in a very subtle way. Phillip Torrone from make is going to be making the epilogue laser available to folks to burn their fun things onto their slabs. Anyhow here's a bit of what I remember from my sessions lasering different objects:

1) Thinkpads: 100% laser power. 150 dpi up to the limit of the image resolution.
2) iMacs: 100% laser, 150 dpi, takes the laser really nicely.
3) Nintendo DS and other soft plastics (blackberries, psps, etc) 60-70% laser, 75 dpi.

The first DS I did at 100% got a little bubbly and the laser browned the white plastic. The guy was happy about the results but I preferred a non-bubbly image.

More than 150 dpi and the epilogue laser would jam, I did some at 300 , but then had to cycle the equipment. I did about 30 laptops and 10 or so other items. The smallest being a tiny cell phone.

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