November 5, 2006

Century Cinema Joins AMC in being a place that sucks.

So guess who's showing commercials before the movie now. Yep, Century Cinemas has joined AMC (think bad parking lots and blaring media tie-in music outside) in abusing its audience with 5 minutes of commercials before the , uh, previews (also commercials). I guess the $9.25 we're spending isn't enough anymore to inure us from the extra revenue opportunity.

Well, honestly, I was cutting down on going to the movies anyhow for all but those that deserved a big screen, and even those I can watch at home now that I have a largish lcd tv. Also, those Coke student films that they also run as a commercial after the commercial but before the preview commercials? I'll just say this: If these are the winning entries I'd hate to see the losers.

I honestly used to go to the Century 16 instead of the newer, better designed, AMC theatres because of the annoyance of pre-movie commercials and blaring speakers outside the AMC that bugged me, now Century is no different. Too bad, movies used to be fun to go to.

Also, I make -much- better popcorn.


Zhasper said...

I could.. in fact, I *am* weeping.

Here in .au, 5-10 minutes of commercials are the norm. The only time I've ever not seen commercials are at pre-release screenings and such - and times when private groups hire a cinema for a private screening (yay Friday midnight Rocky Horror :).

Some of the newer chain cinemas (we only have one real chain here in .au - it trades under three different names, but they're all one chain - the only alternatives are regional cinemas and arthouses) allow you to get allocated seating when you book your ticket. This is fantastic -you know you can walk in 15 minutes after the scheduled start time and only have missed most of the ads, and *still* get a good seat.

Dr. Taraneh Razavi said...

Chris, I feel your pain! The commercials are as annoying as the incessant phone calls in the middle of the movies. Tell me I'm not just getting old and cranky :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a Century employee and I feel your pain. We didn't start doing it because we wanted more money, a company called "Cinemark", which I never heard of until I was one day a "Cinemark employee", bought us and decided that we should air commercials. I think their just terrible. Especially with that fat bitch from Chapman who won some crappy coke award.

Anyways, I hate them too. Please don't think of us employees as evil, but complain instead via Cinemark's website and they should send you some free movie tix. ;)

Timothy Lord said...


I don't hear many people say this, which might mean that it's not a usual viewpoint, but I (usually) *enjoy* the pre-movie commercials.

a) I like lots of ads; advertisements are often very interesting. Naturally, a lot of them are obnoxious, especially (to me) radio ads.

b) The ads pre-movie tend to have high production values, and serve as a (poor, but whaddya do) subsitute for the short features that theaters used to show.

c) They're a time buffer. Movie-theater lines (for admission and for snacks) are sometimes ... lugubrious. Not always; there's a theater in Philly I've watched two showings at which is actually pretty snappy, and serves interesting snacks at something near convenience store prices, which is nice. So commericals give a better chance for the whole audience to be seated before the feature starts. (Sadly, at that theater, The Ritz, the commericals are of the PowerPoint slideshow variety, rather than high-production value.)

d) I don't know if you're counting movie trailers as commercials, but movie trailers are fun. I don't watch theater movies very often, but I've been intrigued by trailers sometimes, so I at least later watch a movie on rental. The trailer-maker's art is of course to ellide and seduce, but them's the breaks.


IGGY said...

Well the commercials arn't so bad if you can get into the movie. Read about what happened to me. Cinemark has almost made it impossible to even get into the darn theater.

The only movies I have watched recently have not been in a Cinemark theater for sure.