October 21, 2006

UIUC Was Really Neat

So I spoke at the UIUC Reflections/Projections conference (known as 'conference' in these parts to the computer enthusiasts) last night and I -killed-. Totally -killed-. I tell ya. I was in rare form. It was a talk later at night than I normally do things, at 8:45pm, but it came off well. I'm on a multi-city speaking tour (sort of, that sounds fancy, though, doesn't it?) from uiuc to finland to london than back home. Something like 5 total sessions that I'm giving.

UIUC, which you'll remember as being the birthplace of NCSA Mosaic, Mathematica and HAL from 2001, is quite a good CS school and they have a wicked active ACM group there that throws a solid conference every year. They also have an event called 'mechmania' that is a programming conference that pits peoples programs against each other in a game area. It's pretty neat.

I have to admit when I visit schools like UIUC, I sich I had gone to a better school, I mean, mason wasn't the worst experience, but it wasn't anything like UIUC was.

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Zee said...

I didn't know HAL came from here before I read your post.

The talk last night was great. I was there and I didn't know you were so humorous. thanx :P