October 21, 2006

Strange Flying Tales

So over the last two months I've seen two people basically flip out at airports. I have a theory why these happened, but let me tell them first.

Number 1:

I was pulling myself together post security and an older fellow sits down next to me, tieing his shoes, and then, while looking around, says "Damn those guys, make me take off my belt. Surprised I didn't leave anything behind."

Since I'm the font of all jokey wisom, I say "Ah, but I think we both left behind our dignity."

This is the part where you remind me not to talk to strangers at the airport.

"I'll tell you boy, I left behind my dignity when my incompentent gosh-darn son-of-a-gun butcher of a doctor jammed a thing up my bleep and my bleep like he was digging for f-word gold."

I'm obviously sugar coating his language, as this is a family blog, but I'll tell you. He didn't stop there. As I stood to walk down the concourse, he followed me, regaling me with stories of his medical condition, the different ways doctors had violated him in the course of his treatment, and other things that clearly, undoubtably fall into the 'too much information' pile.

Don't get me wrong, I have a -lot- of sympathy for folks who suffer cancer in those most painful to treat of places, but jeez, is an airport the place to share?

Second story: Just minutes ago a guy turned to his family and screamed, almost to the point of a red-faced falsetto. "Well screw all of you, I'm not going anywhere with any of you people." and then he storms off. Now, I actually am totally okay with him not going with his family anywhere, but jeez, it was quite the scene.

So: moral of the story.....

I think that people are getting to the point where the mild, ever growing repression of the airport is grating on people who find the whole experience absurd.


Mike said...

I don't think I've ever gone that far, but I do acknowledge the problem enough to hava a special rule (thanks to Alex K for pointing out your blog!).

We're travelling around christmas with our new kid, so let's see if that rule holds up...

B.J. said...

umm, what does that have to do with flying tables? Anyway, that's pretty creapy. I'd probably get on a plane just to get away from him. lol.