October 21, 2006

O'Hare Intl Terminal Racial Profiling

So I'm sitting waiting for the SAS ticket counter to open so I can get my boarding pass and I'm watching people while doodling around with my laptop (it's almost 100% charged) and I've started to get a feel for who is looking for which terminal. I'm sitting in front of SAS, BMI, Alitalia, Taca, ANA and two flag airlines (Korea and Turkey). As people come up the escalator from the people mover, I'm getting good at figuring out which line they'll make a beeline for.

I say racial profiling, a loaded term for sure, because the Alitalia folks are Alitalian, the Taca people are hispanic (Tacan?) and the SAS people are that kind of white with pink highlights that make you think of the more northern latitudes.

Anyhow...hi from Chicago.

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Ryan said...

you're all about the airport posts!

reminds me of douglas. he tends to write when he's flying too, so he ends up with similarly funny airport stories (skip the first page), along with a fair amount of weekend-warrior psychology.