October 7, 2006

BSG, PSP and Del

So, first off: Bang up job on the BSG premiere. Seriously good stuff, I find myself being sympathetic with the Baltar's Vichy viceroy. Yes, he's awful and a puppet, but the toasters would clearly plug him if he didn't do what they said. Should be interesting. Sometimes the picture of Baltar sitting upon his cylon throne come back to me from the original, crappy ,series, like an unwanted hot flash and I think "Will Baltar start hating his fellow humans as an answer to his guilt" or "Will his love for six cause him to embrace a cylon/hybrid future for humanity and see pure humans as a pointless evolutionary dead end?"

Clearly, I've been thinking too much about this.

Also, my PSP is fixed thanks to my friend Jon Webb just in time for my long trip to europe. 10k+ miles on planes! I wish EA Replay was out Right this second

Not surprisingly, I find this story about Joshua's Del.icio.us -fascinating-. Imagine if all of Yahoo decides to block google's crawlers. I think that would hurt them more than Google (my employer) but this is really the kind of thing that Matt writes about more authoritatively than I. I will say this, if you have a site that is create by your users, you should be -really- careful when restricting who can see the information that your users think they are creating for the public. We're all competitive, for sure, but I think restricting non-abusive robots for Del.icio.us is a little sketchy.

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