September 28, 2006

Heroes, a potentially very bad show.

"They say that we only use 10% of the cliches."

"Did you ever felt, you know, like you were meant for something else, something special?"

"I'm a zany japanese guy. Look pretty girls!"

"My life is over, I want to be normal and go to the prom like every mildly Texas accented rural cheerleader!"

So, yeah, I watched the premier of Heroes, a show that wants to.....oh who cares. Bunch of 20ish somethings with powers. Look, they're going to save New York from nukes and bad stereotype government agents who are hunting them down....oh who cares. Take a fine show and network it up.

I mean, who is the hack that uses the "we only use 10% of our brains" line? Who? I'll tell you who, the same idiot who would have a the cheerleaders mom be a show dog person. Who's mommy's little non-creative puddle of mediocrity! You are! Yes! You are!

You want a good superheros story? Go read flipping powers. I mean...cripes.

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