September 18, 2006

Find me at Ohio Linux Festival!

Hello everyone. I'll be speaking at the Ohio Linux festival at the end of this month. In October I'll be speaking at the University of Texas, the Finnish Open Mind Conference and LinuxWorld UK. I've never spoken at any of these conferences, so it should be interesting.

Also, before you ask, we're recording a whole whack of FLOSS Weeklies this week. My apologies for the slow down. I have been slack.


Anonymous said...

Yay! More FLOSS!

Michael Bresnahan said...

It would be nice to have a group large enough for a festival, and then to have a guest speaker that would be way cool, here in Northern Wisconsin don't ever see that taking place. We do have a festival coming up, but it involves all the store owners cooking roast beef and then walking them down the street to the park where they serve overpriced sandwiches, I would say you could come and speak at that but I don't think they would have any clue what you were talking about :-D