August 31, 2006

Everything that is wrong with Windows

Is expressed handily in this article on Robert Scoble's blog, titled "The Startup sound in Vista", or should I say "The sound that will drive you nuts, simply nuts, for decades" Whoever heard of not being able to kill the startup sound, it seems so damn uncool to require that the user listens to your audio bug. I know macs did it on boot, and it stunk up the joint then. I wonder if they'll play that intel "doop doop do doop" and get a quarter for every boot up?

Nah that'd be stupid, as would the inability to silence the sound if a user so chooses. So, logically, they can't possibly be planning this. No one could be that stupid. Right? There you go, the world is saved, my work is done.

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Alberto S. Lopez said...


We need more FLOSS!

Sriously: Is there anywhere we can get updates on the ETA of the next episode of your FLOSS podcast with Leo Laporte?

I am leaving this question/comment here because it's the only place I could find that you might look at...

Constructive Criticism: You and Leo should keep your listeners updated as to when we can expect the next release of FLOSS, warn us of you and Leo taking some time off between episodes, etc.

I love Floss. Please keep up the great work.


Alberto S. Lopez
Lawndale, CA