August 31, 2006

Everything that is wrong with Windows

Is expressed handily in this article on Robert Scoble's blog, titled "The Startup sound in Vista", or should I say "The sound that will drive you nuts, simply nuts, for decades" Whoever heard of not being able to kill the startup sound, it seems so damn uncool to require that the user listens to your audio bug. I know macs did it on boot, and it stunk up the joint then. I wonder if they'll play that intel "doop doop do doop" and get a quarter for every boot up?

Nah that'd be stupid, as would the inability to silence the sound if a user so chooses. So, logically, they can't possibly be planning this. No one could be that stupid. Right? There you go, the world is saved, my work is done.

Chris DiBona, Roadie..

So I was joking with one of the other subjects of a recent article in Information Week that he (Douglas) looked like a rock star, and me, his roadie. I'm all dark and broody. I need to trim the beard, methinks...don't get me wrong, it's a great picture, but man, I look angry. Or something. Great hair though! :-)

August 30, 2006

Golden Penguin Bowl.

My pal Jeremy does an amazing job running this little game show at Linuxworld. I used to do it, but he rescued me from the duty. Anyhow, he is -brilliant- at it and Linuxworld has posted a video of the bowl . It is a scream.

Laser fun...

One thing I found myself doing -way- more of than was healthy at Foo Camp was laser etching things. I lost count of the number of laptops I etched, but I think I passed 30 sometime around 2am saturday morning. All kinds of logos, too, including my little friend there, who I enscribed on my OQO, my notepad and in the corner of my Thinkpad. Why only in the corner? Because the majority of the T43p was taken over by a really large, very beautiful and subtle image of a Cylon Raider.

So very cool! Anyhow, it was a blast to do and now, as I was telling my wife, I have a skill to fall back on after we all decide that computers were nothing more than a passing fad. Instructables did an article about the tool, which can be found on the Make site.

20 Years of Linux Panel...caught on tape!

My friend Larry Augustin invited me to sit on a panel with some other Linux old timers at the recent Linuxworld (yes, the title is a joke), and it was taped. Go ahead and check it out, if that is your kind of thing. There are so many things I have not posted about, including Sci Foo, Regular Foo and the rest. I will, maybe, and in the meantime, posts by Jane and Erik will more than suffice. Foo camp was quite the spicy meatball.

August 9, 2006

Cat, that's the bag's exit...

So here's something my group has been working on for the last few months, and it is something I've been looking forward to big time. Anyhow, read all about Science Foo Camp on the Nature Blog.

-So- looking forward to this.