July 13, 2006

From Annoyance, Rudeness and Guilt to Absolution in 5 Seconds the DiBona way...

So...I'm in the middle of a heated discussion about the merits of dual or non-dual licensing with Stein and DannyB. The door is closed, we're going on around a really tricky problem with license intermingling and whether or not we should advocate this approach or that and for what reasons when a dude throws open my door and says something along the lines of "Oh my god, you have the mysql Cookbook, can I read it, I've been looking for it all over and I really need it..."

So I say something along the lines of "we're in the middle of a flipping meeting here! Get out!" and he says "No, I ..." and I realize he's just excited that someone magically has the book he needs.... which I guess I understand... and now I'm feeling guilty for hollering at him, so I say "Wait...which book"

MySQL Cookbook

"Here take it! I'll get another" and I toss it at him... "Keep it, seriously."

"Thanks!" and he darts off...

So there you go.


Smokinn said...

Awwwww you're so nice =)

Brian Donovan said...

There you go, shattering my illusions of what it's like to work at Google. ;)

I always sort of imagined that Google facilities would each have a massive library with multiple copies of every recently published tech-oriented title on the shelves ... or that every engineer could order work-related books at company expense and have them next-day-aired to their desk at work.