July 13, 2006

From Annoyance, Rudeness and Guilt to Absolution in 5 Seconds the DiBona way...

So...I'm in the middle of a heated discussion about the merits of dual or non-dual licensing with Stein and DannyB. The door is closed, we're going on around a really tricky problem with license intermingling and whether or not we should advocate this approach or that and for what reasons when a dude throws open my door and says something along the lines of "Oh my god, you have the mysql Cookbook, can I read it, I've been looking for it all over and I really need it..."

So I say something along the lines of "we're in the middle of a flipping meeting here! Get out!" and he says "No, I ..." and I realize he's just excited that someone magically has the book he needs.... which I guess I understand... and now I'm feeling guilty for hollering at him, so I say "Wait...which book"

MySQL Cookbook

"Here take it! I'll get another" and I toss it at him... "Keep it, seriously."

"Thanks!" and he darts off...

So there you go.

July 8, 2006

Floss 9? 10?

Both are in the can... Randal Schwartz and Jeremy Allison, respectively. In theory. Sorry for the break, well...kind of...

Oh Lazyweb...

I need two things:

A person at ESMAS-TV who can put me in touch with whomever keeps your archvies. A show was on a few years ago that I cannot find anywhere and must get my hands on.

Email for Battlestar Galactica's Ron Moore or David Eick. It's for a google thing, kinda.

Anyhow, shoot me an email if you have this info. Please feel free to speculate why I'd need such things in the comments.

Thanks in advance, oh wily web.

July 4, 2006

Jabber Hackery...

Hi all,

Whenever I dive into a new bit of coding, I look for an example. A simple to use, doesn't do much example. From the example here, which is too complex to show the basics, I derived this simple python xmpp program.

import xmpp, os, sys

cl.send(xmpp.protocol.Message("cdibona@gmail.com","I am a test message, you sly dog, you."))

Indeed it is missing everything but I was able to im myself without worrying too much about other junk. Instant gratification is -very- important in programming. It doesn't even take responses, but it works well enough. To use it, replace my username and such with yours. Magic!

Yes, I'm writing another bot. Yes, I have some genetic need to write bots for all mediums. (last one was an IRC bot for the game studio I cofounded and augered into the ground) You'll need to apt-get python-xmpp before this will work.