June 12, 2006

Romeo (Thinkpad T41p) and Juliet (Blackberry 7290), entwined perpetually unto death.

Ugh. It seems that if you have tried to call me on my cell, you have gotten a message that says, simply "This person doesn't exist". This is not true. Cingular simply has screwed up. Anyhow, this is a problem that is being addressed, but is super annoying. I, in my infinite lack of wisdom, decide to call Cingular, who suggest I wipe the phone to get it to start taking calls. I was dubious but did what the person asked.

Oh, if I knew the pain I'd be inflicting upon myself. So we use a program to sync our calendars wirelessly and that program is pretty finicky, to fix and or install, you must give up your laptop to the folks at the tech stop and they perform their magic. However, I, dear readers, am special. Standard Blackberry syncing died on me and so I was on an alternative syncing software regime whose name shall not be spoken herein. The first magician, a patient fellow, wasn't fully versed in the magical lore of the blackberry and the syncing program whose name shall not be mentioned, but the second magician was able to handle re-setting up the phone. It took from when I arrived at work until about 6pm.

I used a powerbook that I had in my stable and it performed fine, if not annoyingly slow. Its a good thing the macbooks are out, because if I had to regularly use the powerbook I think I'd smash it with a hammer.

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Michael Bresnahan said...

sounds like you have had a bad day with electronics.